Permintaan Bitcoin di Turki Google tumbuh 566%

After Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided to dismiss the head of the Central Bank of Turkey, the rate of the Turkish lira collapsed by 17%. Against this background, the search queries of the country's residents associated with Bitcoin literally exploded with a growth of 566%.

Apparently, against the background of the fact that the president of the country has dismissed the third head of the Central Bank in the last two years, residents decided to look for a more reliable asset for investment than the lira. Judging by the news background, most investors did not really expect such a turn of events and the removal of Naji Agbal, who had been in office for a little more than 5 months - from November 2020.

What is even more strange is that the former head of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey is now credited with raising interest rates to fight inflation and "pulling" the lira out of its historic low. The lira recovered 1/5 of its value against the US dollar earlier this year. Against the background of such merits, the decision to dismiss him looks even more incomprehensible.

The growth of requests for Bitcoin in the Turkish Google Trends recorded record demand, even in comparison with the bullish rally of 2017-2018. In addition, recently the Turkish Ministry of Finance announced that they will work together with the Central Bank of Turkey to create clear principles for the use of cryptocurrency in the country. That also contributed to people's interest in a new kind of assets.

Meanwhile, some Turkish exchanges against the background of the fall of the national currency are asking for 100,000 dollars in the equivalent of a lira for one Bitcoin, which is almost twice the current rate of the main cryptocurrency on the market.

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