Analisis harga: BTC, ETH, LTC

What are the potential targets of three popular cryptocurrencies - BTC, ETH, LTC?


BTC/USDT currency pair in the green zone. The coin was supported by a sloping support line. The 4-hour chart is clearly visible as the resistance level becomes a support level.

Now the cryptocurrency is trading at 59.8 thousand dollars. In the future, we can consider increasing the price to $61,844. If the value of BTC goes up, you can see how the "crab" pattern is formed on the graph. To do this, the price of BTC must rise to $67,716. This is the top goal for Bitcoin in today's state of affairs.

If there is a decline, the correction will occur to the level of 54-53.2 thousand dollars. At this level is the first level of support. The main, judging by the schedule, - at $46,300.

So far, no candle has fallen below this level, so an upward trend is possible in the future.




The situation with the second most important cryptocurrency is not as simple as with Bitcoin. The slanted support line could not withstand the onslaught of bear traders and broke down on the 4-hour chart.

The situation was saved by a strong support area at the level of 1711 dollars. If a candle is formed, which will close below this level, it is possible to reduce the value of the cryptocurrency to $1618. Currently the price of ETH has gone up. The coin is traded at $1,829.




The LTC/USDT chart continues to be an uptrend. If the bears are activated and the candle closes below the level of $196, it is possible to repeat the downtrend in the medium term. The coin will be supported by the level of $168.

To be optimistic, the next goal of the cryptocurrency is 229, and then 243 dollars. If the candle is closed above the last indicator, it is possible to form a pattern "butterfly" with a top goal of 271 dollars.



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