Situs Kota Miami menampung WP Bitcoin

Despite that the creator of BTC has not yet appeared, Francis Suarez, Mayor of Miami and a supporter of cryptocurrencies, does not believe that Satoshi Nakamoto = Craig Wright

The city he runs has joined the wave of support for Bitcoin, highlighting the failure of businessman Craig Wright's claims. With this action, the Miami authorities are protesting against the fact that Wright and his lawyers want to get the rights to WP Bitcoin.

Mayor of Suarez announced his decision on 27 January on Twitter. By the way, in addition to posting a PDF document on the municipal Government website, Suarez also added a page that is dedicated to Bitcoin. It describes Nakamoto's invention and how cryptocurrency is changing the world for the better.

Mayor Suarez is known to be a supporter of innovation. These are not only cryptocurrencies, but also various startups related to space development. The authorities plan to make Miami a major technological, scientific and cryptocurrency center.