Pengadilan London menyetujui klaim Craig Wright

A London court has approved a prosecution filed by the self-named “BTC-creator” Craig Wright upon the developers of Bitcoin Core. As respondents in the case are mentioned 16 developers, living outside of Britain.

Scientist not only pretends to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but also filed a lawsuit in the UK for 111,000 BTC worth $5.7 billion, but his claims were previously dismissed. Now he intends to oblige 16 developers to give him access to Bitcoin.

This is the second trial in two weeks, initiated by Wright. He claims he will lose the encrypted keys during a hack on his home network in February 2020, when a person or group of unknown persons stole the keys to Wright's TTL addresses. The police have launched an investigation, but have not yet provided specifics on the progress of the case.

The defendants in the trial were the developers of not only Bitcoin Core, but also BSV, Bitcoin Cash ABC, and Bitcoin Cash. One of them, Peter Todd, stated that a team of programmers was not affected in the everyday improvement of the blockchain and that Wright himself was unable to prove ownership. In addition, Todd believes that BTC is not something that can be subjected to "confiscation". The developer is confident that if Wright wins the trial, this case will be an indicator that people can forcibly steal coins from anyone, abusing "faulty processes".

Recall that in January of this year, Wright demanded that the BTC whitepaper of the owners of the and sites be removed. And in April, the court approved his lawsuit against the owner of the latter under the nickname Cobra.

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