Kim Dotcom mencoba menjadikan Elon Musk penggemar Bitcoin Cash

Just yesterday Elon Musk announced that now Tesla electric cars can be purchased for bitcoins, as today one of the crypto-enthusiasts - the owner of the file-sharing mega - Kim Dotcom tried to attract the attention of the businessman cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash.

According to Kim, when it comes to payments within the network, bitcoin charges users many times more money on commissions. As an example, he wrote that the average commission of bitcoin is in the region of $8.92, but the Bitcoin Cash commission is on average only $0.001.

Dotcom left his answer in a comment to Musk's post in his Twitter account, where he told customers about the opportunity to buy a futuristic electric car in the equivalent of the main cryptocurrency on the market.

Elon Musk, for his part, agreed with him, noting such an argument is fair. But it is unlikely that such arguments will be able to calm the businessman's interest in the landmarks planned by him in the form of "favourites" - bitcoin and Dogecoin.

Amid Musk's statements, the bitcoin exchange rate rose by almost $3,000. Unfortunately, this growth did not last long, and after 6 hours the cryptocurrency fell to the values of $52,500.

Perhaps, if such tech giants as Tesla continue to intend to invest billions of dollars in the main cryptocurrency on the market, diluting the news background with a positive, the constant growth of bitcoin is guaranteed.

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