Kevin O'Leary memperkirakan peningkatan 20 kali lipat dalam kapitalisasi Bitcoin

Entrepreneur Kevin O'Leary is known for his being outspoken and daring predictions. One such investor did in an interview with Stansberry Research host, Daniela Cambone.

O'Leary confidently stated that Bitcoin's market capitalisation could well break the $20 trillion mark. He also added that he believes the future of Bitcoin is positive, and the cryptocurrency itself is capable of becoming a reliable financial instrument in the foreseeable future. The investor attributed this to the fact that Bitcoin will be included in many portfolios as a risk-free asset. In its investment portfolio, the main cryptocurrency accounts for only 3%.

Considering that Bitcoin's capitalisation was at $150 billion a year ago, the $100,000 price prediction doesn't strike O'Leary as insane.

According to him, the main cryptocurrency on the market is unique in that it cannot only be an asset, but also a property and a payment instrument. At the same time, the entrepreneur has not yet decided in which of the three categories the Bitcoin belongs.

O'Leary also noted that it is best to mine Bitcoin in person, without buying coins of dubious origin or those that have been mined on Chinese mining farms. He preferred Canada, Iceland and Denmark as "mines", where ecological energy is actively developing today.

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