Blogger Instagram menipu pelanggan untuk 50 BTC

The owner of the million-dollar Instagram account under the name Jay Mazini, known in real life as Jebara Igbara, was charged with cryptocurrency fraud.

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed fraud charges against a blogger who offers his subscribers a ransom of their existing Bitcoins at a price higher than the market average.

The Instagram celebrity claimed that the reason for this sudden "generosity" is the restrictions of cryptocurrency exchanges, which do not allow to store the amount of Bitcoins that he could buy with them. He promised to buy Bitcoin in February 2021 at a rate above $52,000, when its price on the exchanges was $47,000.

More than $3 million was sent to Igbara's Bitcoin wallets. In response, the blogger returned to his fans only fake checks and photos of fake bank transfers, never paying the full value of the digital currencies they listed.

One of the Jay Mazini fans sent him 50 Bitcoins in exchange for which the fraudster promised to pay him 2.5 million dollars. As a result, the person received only $500,000. He said this in a statement filed in Federal Court in Brooklyn.

Naturally, the whole image of "wealth" was built around Igbara to lure potential victims who believe in the honest intentions of the blogger. However, the look from behind the scenes is always sobering. So it happened this time with another "insta-businessman."

At the time of publication, all messages in Jay Mazini's profile had been deleted, but it was unclear whether the page had been closed because of the start of the lawsuit against the owner, or whether it was closed by Igbara himself.

Cached versions of his page in the social network can still be found on the Internet, where he showed a million audience photos of sports cars, allegedly bought by him for cryptocurrencies. In the publications, the blogger guaranteed that his fans will soon be able to buy the same "auto" if they listen to his "instructions."

Now the "network businessman" faces up to 20 years in prison, and he is under arrest. We are not talking about any compensation of funds sent to Igbara by his subscribers in cryptocurrency equivalents.

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