Inflasi di Amerika Serikat Menyebabkan Pertumbuhan Popularitas Bitcoin

Recently, several American companies, including Nestle and Colgate, reported price increases. Inflation in the United States, the world's largest economy, could give Bitcoin a new boost

Analysts say that 2020 with its increase in commodity prices returns to 2021. And there will be many more such periods. By 2030, the inflation rate in the United States will be at least 3%.

And the situation may get worse. It all depends on the behavior of the market. This is the forecast of the Blackrock Investment Institute. It is partly confirmed by commodity indices, which in 2021 rose to the highest level.

To be sure, it is enough to follow the Commodity Spot Index. This commodity index developed by Bloomberg tracks prices for 23 commodities. It is at the highest level in 10 years.

Trillions of dollars (stimulus payments) that have recently been invested in the U.S. economy have become a catalyst for inflation. They caused price increases and a general overheating of the economy.

U.S. authorities do not deny inflation. Janet Yellen, the head of the Ministry of Finance, says that this is a temporary phenomenon. Jerome Powell of the Fed proposes to increase interest rates. However, no decision has yet been made. And this creates ideal conditions for the growth of cryptocurrencies.

If interest rates are at the same level, capital inflows into the economy will not slow down and inflation will rise. Investors will be looking for assets that should grow faster than the economic situation worsens.

Cryptocurrencies are the ideal choice. In particular, Bitcoin. This is the best asset of the last 10 years. It perfectly resists the prevailing economic conditions, can be used for transfers between different countries.

Many institutional investors, payment systems (PayPal, VISA, MasterCard) were interested in this in 2020. Banks are next. In addition to launching CBDC, they have to accept Bitcoins.

It's going to happen soon. Many people understand that rising prices have a negative impact on the well-being of citizens. A message about this recently appeared on the building of the Bank of England. It's about a projection with the phrase "Printing money is stealing from the poor."



The current situation is such that the market is almost ripe for the widespread introduction of cryptocurrencies. As soon as it affects the fat people of Wall Street, we will see how quickly they will transfer their cash to cryptocurrency.

So let's sum it up. Now there are ideal conditions for the growth of Bitcoin. Go To the Moon!

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