Penggemar Mengklaim Bank Inggris Akan Diperbaiki Dengan Bitcoin

The Bank of England received a “threatening” message from one of the bitcoin enthusiasts. This weekend on the building of the department projected the logo of the main cryptocurrency on the market and the inscription: "fixes this". The artist “enclosed” his work in a bright red frame with the signature “Fraz”.

One of the locals was unhappy with the progress of the British central bank in creating his stablecoin, expressing his disagreement with the help of a projector. Even although the bank's management announced the first steps taken in this direction just a few days ago.

After a while, the projection with bitcoin and the same phrase about “fixing” appeared again. But this time, Westminster Palace, which is now under reconstruction, was chosen as the "canvas". Following this, the creator also posted several provocative phrases. First: "Vote Tory - Get Klaus Schwab", and then: "Boris Johnson is just a fat Tony Blair”. We wonder if this “offense” falls under British case law?

Soon, the projection photo appeared on the Rarible auction site. It is not known whether the artist himself is trying to sell it, or someone else did it, but the seller's nickname coincides with the artist's nickname. By the way, there are no rates yet, so you may well become the owner of a strange but symbolic “artifact”.

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