Deutsche Bank: BTC tidak bisa diabaikan

The latest Deutsche Bank study highlighted the importance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

The market value of Bitcoins exceeds one trillion dollars. Institutional investors have invested in cryptocurrencies. However, according to the bank's representatives, the current boom may prevent BTC from becoming an asset class.

According to Deutsche Bank, here are 3 Bitcoin problems:

  • Tough competition
  • Lack of liquidity
  • Rare use of Bitcoin as a means of payment

The perception of BTC has an impact on the future of cryptocurrencies. The first cryptocurrency interested managers of pension and investment funds. As investments in cryptocurrencies increase, the situation may change.

86% of banks are also exploring the possibility of introducing CBDC. For now, according to Deutsche Bank, central banks are unlikely to give up their financial monopoly. So, Bitcoin will not be able to replace traditional cryptocurrencies, but it has good prospects.

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