Pembayaran dalam bitcoin dilacak oleh PaysBitcoin.Org

PaysBitcoin.Org: here you can see companies offering compensation in bitcoins

Bitcoin populariser Rodolfo Novak is the owner of a website that tracks the adoption of Bitcoin in the world. The collects data on companies investing in Bitcoin.

Recently, on his website, Novak created a page which collected companies that provide shares, bonuses or pay salaries in Bitcoins.

The creator of the site has just started filling this list. It plans to regularly monitor the financial sector for companies that would meet the parameters they are seeking.

Currently, 25 companies are listed on the site. Novak pointed out where they are registered, what type of compensation is offered, and which industry they belong to. Among the largest - Facebook, Uber, Kraken.

You can get more information, register and start trading on Kraken.

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