BTC naik di atas $ 63.000

Today, the first cryptocurrency once again surprised the whole world. BTC has installed a new ATH. Its price went up 6% to $63,000 across the border

The maximum price of the coin on Tuesday, according to Coingecko, was $63,742. This means that in 2021 Bitcoin has risen by 110%. And in comparison with last year's low, which came on 12.03.2020, the first cryptocurrency rose by 1000%.

This was facilitated by the approach of the IPO coinbase. However, the trend of price growth began three weeks ago. According to the data from the exchanges, investors began to actively withdraw cryptocurrency on their wallets and hold in anticipation of rapid growth.



At the time of writing, according to CoinMarketCap, the price of Bitcoin is $63,588. The capitalisation of the cryptocurrency exceeded 1.187 trillion. According to this indicator, BTC is the sixth largest business in the world, and eighth among valuable assets. Only 18% separates Bitcoin to knock out silver from seventh place.

However, the dominance of BTC in the crypto market has decreased. Now the figure is 54.34%. This happened, as altcoins also massively set new highs.

The current rise in the value of Bitcoin is interesting because during the month the coin was traded in a side direction. There were several drops in value, and many attempts by bulls to change the direction of the trend. Despite this, on March 13 everything changed. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new uptrend!

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