Harga Bitcoin telah meningkat setelah tweet Elon Musk

Cryptocurrencies have been trading with high volatility since the beginning of the week. Bitcoin fell below $30,000, which could be due to the imminent expiration of 103,000 Bitcoin options for $3.2 billion

In this regard, the market was temporarily calm. However, after today's post by Elon Musk, the trading volume has increased sharply. Recall that Musk put the hashtag #Bitcoin on his profile and added an entry that the emergence of Bitcoin is inevitable.

The cryptocurrency is now trading at $34,600. This tweet completely changed the course of the week. Most of the altcoins went up. Since last Friday, the value of Bitcoin has risen more than 17%.

The total market growth reached $1.05 trillion. The volume of transactions is growing by 40% daily, and the daily transaction volume is $700 billion. The dominance of BTC in the cryptosphere has also been restored to 65%.