Bitcoin tumbuh 10% setelah tweet lain oleh Elon Musk

Bitcoin is on the move again, showing growth after Elon Musk announced that Tesla will continue to accept BTC as a means of payment when 50% of the energy used by miners is “clean”.

This tweet was a response to the statement of the CEO of Sygnia, Magda Wierzycka, who previously reported that everything that happens to Bitcoin is the result of price manipulation by an influential person. She also claims that if Musk had tweeted about a particular public firm, he would have come under the scrutiny of the SEC long ago.

Wierzycka is convinced that Musk deliberately leaves his comments on Twitter regarding Bitcoin and the crypto market, knowing full well what exactly he is doing with the price of the main crypto asset. In addition, according to her, he liquidated most of the personal fortune and coins purchased by Tesla at the moment when the main cryptocurrency on the market peaked.

Such statements rarely make Musk answer anything, but this was an exception. After the news was released on Cointelegraph, he responded to the resource on Twitter that the information posted by them was inaccurate. In his response, the billionaire emphasized that Tesla sold about 10% of its assets in cryptocurrency, making sure that such a number of liquidations did not affect the state of the entire market. Musk already reported this in April, operating with the same 10%.

In the same tweet, he clarified that as soon as half of all the energy used by Bitcoin miners becomes "clean", Tesla will continue to operate with the main cryptocurrency on the market.

Bitcoin, in turn, reacted positively to the words of the head of SpaceX, adding almost 10% in price and reaching $39,800 on the Binance crypto exchange.

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