Perhatian! BTC naik menjadi $ 50.000

Who hasn't used Bitcoin yet, they bite their hands. The rocket has already gone to the moon. Bitcoin moves confidently to $50,000

Today, the first cryptocurrency twice tested the level of support and gained an additional six percent in the race to the new ATH. This raised $48,300.

Rocket fuel for Bitcoin served as good news. First Tesla, then BNY Mellon - all this positively affected the price of cryptocurrency.

It's as simple as that. There are a lot of companies in the world sitting on trillions of dollars bags. And now these fat-sums are increasingly looking towards Bitcoin. Who's next? It is said that Apple or such a giant as Advanced Micro Devices.

Long gone are the days when people like Warren Buffett called cryptocurrencies garbage and "rat poison squared." Now, who did not have time to buy at the bottom in 2018-2019, try to have time to invest in cryptocurrency.

Miners do not have time to mine new coins. Everything that enters the market is quickly absorbed by interested investors. This is easy to trace by the number of orders to buy BTC on exchanges such as Huobi or Binance.

Today we see a real holiday among the adherents of cryptocurrencies. 2021 may be the best year for the cryptosphere, thanks to stable bullish sentiment. Today Bitcoin is moving to 50,000 dollars, we keep coming to BTC overstepping this important mark!