Agen digital berbicara tentang generasi baru struktur taruhan di Blockchain Wave

The team of the digital advertising agency went to the international conference Blockchain Wave in Antalya and spoke about the latest innovations in the field of cryptocurrencies, in particular, about staking, and introduced the UMI company - Universal Money Instrument

Staking as a new business model for active interaction of participants in the cryptocurrency market is attracting more and more attention from both large and retail investors. Interest in staking is due to factors such as the ability to get profitability with minimal investment in computing power and the absence of the need to have a deep understanding of cryptocurrency trading or the technical features of mining. Experts from the digital agency revealed the benefits and risks of staking, and also talked about a new generation of staking structures, which is designed to overcome the existing barriers in this area.

"Thanks to many years of experience working with blockchain projects, our team has accumulated a wealth of experience and understanding of many types of business models. Around the staking, there is arheole of myths and stereotypes that needs to be dispelled. Not all projects that allow you to mine coins using staking should be considered as the opportunity to receive passive income. Truly profitable and well-thought-out economic models are rare. One of the projects that brought a new staking format to the market and which is of interest to a wide range of investors is the UMI blockchain ecosystem, "said Andrey Kornilov, founder of

UMI is a blockchain ecosystem for instant, secure and free financial transfers, next-generation staking and smart contracts of any complexity. By developing a profitable economic model, UMI encourages ecosystem participants to participate in staking and thereby develop the platform. is one of the leading marketing agencies in Russia, engaged in the development of marketing strategies for blockchain startups, integrated communications solutions, business process organization and reputation management.

Theconference Blockchain Wave in a unique lounge format is taking place today on April 8 in Turkey on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. At the conference, in a relaxed atmosphere, speakers from different regions of the world spoke, and the participants of the conference were given the opportunity to find new partners and make transitions in secluded lounges.

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