Bagaimana cryptocurrency dapat membantu startup menarik investasi

Just a dozen years ago, most people had no idea what a cryptocurrency is. Today, almost everyone knows this term. Every year, cryptocurrencies develop and become more popular, attracting both individual investors and businesses - many companies from all over the world that use cryptocurrencies to receive payments, mutual settlements and, of course, attract investments. 

The last point is especially relevant for startups. And cryptocurrencies have a lot to offer them due to their features. How exactly - we will consider below. 

Rapid capital raising through the community

The rise of cryptocurrencies has changed the way companies raise capital in the early stages of operations. It's not just about the ability to issue shares in the form of tokens during the ICO and immediately put them into operation. For a wider range of companies, the community that gathers in the cryptocurrency world is much more important. Cryptocurrencies provide access to many of the best entrepreneurs in the world. Facebook, Telegram, Slack and WhatsApp have become popular thanks to the growing communities of decentralized blockchain investors. The crypto community gathers the most digitally active people who are not only interested in modern goods and services online, but also have the budget to buy them. 

Huge investment opportunities in young start-ups can be realized in minutes, while in the past, through traditional venture capital routes, the process could take months.

The only thing startups need to worry about is being able to accept investments. If the acceptance of cryptocurrencies is carried out through a payment service, and this is the preferred solution due to its versatility, it is worth choosing a partner that does not set limits on maximum payments - for example, cryptocurrency acquiring from Betatransfer Kassa provides such an opportunity . In this case, if an investor sees a million dollar value in a startup and decides to invest, they can do it quickly and without any problems. 

BTWallet allows you to conduct transactions in USDT (TRC/ERC20), Ethereum and Bitcoin with USDT fixing to avoid losses due to the volatility of the crypto. Transactions are carried out quickly, up to 15 minutes, and are available at a cost that starts from just $1. And the Betatransfer Kassa team itself has been on the market for more than 5 years and has vast experience in working with high-risk businesses, thanks to which it effectively solves literally any non-standard payment situations. 

Trust and reputation 

A startup that accepts payments in cryptocurrencies, by this very fact, speaks of its involvement in the world of modern technologies and the knowledge of the team behind it. For investors, this is an important factor, because it is people and their ideas that create value that is worth investing in. 

In addition, the acceptance of cryptocurrencies also attracts customers. According to a study by Forrester Consulting, businesses that offer cryptocurrencies as a payment option make 40% more sales to new customers, double the average check, get an impressive ROI and increase in net profit compared to those that accept only fiat currencies. For a startup, initial success indicates that its product and business model are effective, and this, in turn, attracts ever larger investors. Everyone is interested in investing in a promising business, and cryptocurrencies can provide a much-needed boost at the beginning of a startup's journey. 

Solving the problems of high-risk businesses 

Startups from any business category are automatically classified as high risk because they do not have a history of payment processing. Well, if a subscription model is added to this, a reputationally ambiguous industry (for example, dating, gambling, finance, health) or areas such as tourism or software, the situation becomes even more “fun”.

High-risk businesses have a high probability of chargebacks, which, given their activity and turnover, can bring considerable problems. Cryptocurrencies, due to the lack of a chargeback mechanism, significantly reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions and account blocking. And the absence of financial problems for investors is a reliable indicator of the ability to conduct business - one of the signs by which they recognize startups worth investing. 


Using cryptocurrency as an investment vehicle can attract new customers and additional investors to a startup simply because of its popularity among the population, including millennials, Gen Z, and all races and genders. And a reliable partner in the field of cryptocurrency payments, such as Betatransfer Kassa , will help a startup figure out all the intricacies and get the most out of accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

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