Aset Tether masih didukung oleh dolar

Independent auditing company Moore Cayman has confirmed that the stablecoin issuer has a fiat that provides USDT in circulation

The accounting firm conducted the study in March 2021. As a result of the audit, it was found out that Tether has just under 41 billion consolidated funds, which are provided with stablecoins.

The amount of funds in the company's account is $40.868 billion, of which $40.855 billion is provided by the USDT coin. Thus, the volume of consolidated assets is sufficient to meet the obligations to provide USDT.

This analysis puts an end to the dispute as to whether the USDT issuer has enough fiat currency to provide the stablecoins in circulation.

Recall that Tether was often accused of not having the right amount of money to provide stablecoins in circulation.

Ahead of the addition of USDT to Coinbase Pro, the issuer has tried to strengthen its image of transparency. Therefore, independent audits were carried out.

If the cryptocurrency was taken on the trading platform, then Coinbase received a guarantee of financial stability Tether. The new March audit should emphasise that the company continues to comply with its commitments.

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