Harga PERL mengejutkan para ahli dengan meroket 100%

The value of PERL increased by 100% as the attention of the cryptocurrency community began to be more actively drawn to the problem of “green” mining of digital currencies.

Despite the recent downswing, the Perlin project token managed to break the 140% growth mark from its low of $0.052 on June 8th to its high of $0.134 on June 18th. At the same time, the daily trading volume skyrocketed from $3 million to $122 million.

The first of the three most likely reasons for PERL's growth was the launch of PERL.eco, a feature that allows users to tokenize real bio-ecological assets. The project team called it "an attempt to democratize the economy of the biosphere by tokenizing biodiversity and carbon credits." Of course, all of this will happen in a decentralized ecosystem.

PERL owners will be able to use their tokens to offset their carbon footprint or trade in the liquidity pool when the coin is issued. In addition, it can be used in voting as a DAO governance, taking part in important decisions that change the project's ecosystem.

The second major step for PERL was the start of the PerlinX platform interface based on the Binance Smart Chain in mid-April. This was badly needed to lower online transaction fees. In addition, the team also made it possible to host PerlinX liquidity pools on PancakeSwap.

An extra benefit for PERL liquidity providers will be the profits generated by PancakeSwap. It is paid out in the equivalent of CAKE coins, which can then be deposited in the Perlin pool and receive additional PERL tokens.

For fans of the Ethereum blockchain, PerlinX offers several forms of making a profit at once betting and liquidity pools PERL-WETH, BUSD, USDC, BAL, and DAI.

Soon, the background and state of PERL tokens promise to be positive. According to Cointelegraph, over the past week, the coin's value on the chart has been in the green, reaching their VORTECS score of 67 points 10 hours before a 100% gain.

Not to mention the fact that the “eco-movement” within the crypto industry today is louder than ever and attracts a lot of attention. That there is only Elon Musk with his "attacks" in the direction of bitcoin. Therefore, there is every chance that projects like PERL will receive additional attention from fans of "clean" energy.

PERL is currently trading at $0.103 on Binance.

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