Harga Litecoin naik 30% setelah palsu tentang kerja sama dengan Walmart

A few hours ago, a Walmart press release appeared online, in which a source from GlobeNewswire claimed that the American hypermarket chain had officially announced its partnership with Litecoin.

No sooner had the crypto community rejoiced that another trading network had surrendered under the "onslaught" of cryptocurrencies, as it turned out that the news was a fake. Several American media outlets such as Reuters, CNBC, Decrypt and many others immediately picked up the GlobeNewswire press release. But Walmart representatives tried to promptly contact them, saying that the news was not true.

The news about cooperation with a crypto startup did not affect the price of shares of the company itself. But on the cryptocurrency market, Litecoin fans have, albeit a small, but still a holiday. The reason for Walmart's fake partnership with Litecoin in GlobeNewswire was called "cheap and fast payments", as well as "a decentralized structure with no central authority."

Against the background of a fake press release, the value of the asset soared by more than 305%. A couple of hours ago, its price was $174.35 on Huobi, and after a while it rose to $232.13 per token. According to CoinMarketCap, the value of LTC has now settled down and almost returned to its previous value, fixing at $177.29.

Walmart has previously given clear hints of an active interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. For example, when I published a vacancy for a specialist in digital currency implementation strategy. In general, the hypermarket chain has been using blockchain since 2016 to control deliveries and applies it in its “smart” devices that are equipped with stores.

At the same time, after the adoption of the law on the legalization of bitcoin in El Salvador, the journalist tried to pay with it at Walmart and was refused. So, the network became one of the few who did not accept cryptocurrency, even despite possible sanctions from local authorities.

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