Dogecoin paus terbesar telah mengumpulkan lebih dari 36 miliar DOGE

Cryptocurrency meme has become very popular in 2021. The price has gone up sharply

The coin was advertised by many famous people, for example - Elon Musk. Analysing the distribution of funds, we can see that 28% of all tokens worth more than 2 billion dollars are placed on one wallet.

At this address in the dogecoin blockchain is 36.8 billion DOGE. They are collected by 706 transactions. Interesting is the fact that several large transactions were conducted on the birthday of the head of Tesla - June 28.

So Elon Musk is associated with Dogecoin even more than we could expect. At the same time, he recently said that keeping large stocks of DOGE on the same account is bad for decentralisation.

Despite his declaration of readiness to support the coin, if the whales dump their stocks, so far there has been no movement of funds. 

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