Ethereum Classic mendapatkan momentum lagi

Members of the cryptocurrency community are “pumping up” Ethereum Classic, bringing it not only to the price level of 2018, but also exceeding these indicators by 3 times!

Yesterday, ETC traded on Robinhood for over $100 per coin, while on Coinbase at its peak, its value exceeded $149.75. However, it later stabilized at $127, which still exceeded the ETC value on Binance by more than $35.

Ethereum Classic was forked from the second cryptocurrency on the market back in 2016. After the “split,” the Ethereum Classic camp continued to use the original Ethereum blockchain. Over the past years, the value of this token has not always been able to exceed even the threshold of $13. A year ago, ETC was exposed to 51% attacks, was poorly supported by decentralized applications, and suffered from forced division within the development team. But, apparently, even this token, almost forgotten by enthusiasts, felt the effect of the “altcoin season”.

ETC was not the only fork showing positive momentum. BCH has also been doing pretty well throughout the first quarter of this year. The simplicity of purchasing cryptocurrency using the intuitive mobile applications of the Robinhood, Binance and Coinbase crypto exchanges adds fuel to the fire. By the way, lately they have taken the first lines in the AppStore trends. And if you look at Google Trends, you can find significantly increased rates of interest in Ethereum Classic. This and the overall positive dynamics of the cryptocurrency market spur interest from even those consumers who were not previously interested in cryptocurrencies. Many of them are inspired by a good example of the growth of the "comic" DOGE token, so they are looking for promising altcoins for their first investments.

The only factor “threatening” the success of Ethereum Classic could be Ethereum 2.0, which marks the end of the energy-intensive mining of ETH and a change in the consensus algorithm. Considering that ETC is unlikely to “switch”, following the example of ETH, the token may interest miners even more. Especially against the background of a decrease in remuneration for their "work". The closer the EIP 1559, the more chances that the rise in prices for Ethereum Classic will become a real lifeline for the "miners", albeit a temporary one.

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