Dogecoin mengambil alih popularitas Bitcoin di Twitter

The meme cryptocurrency became the 100% leader of February on Twitter. About it was 10.4% of all tweets about cryptocurrency

It is interesting that the DOGE coin has surpassed even DEX Uniswap, which is also often spoken about by its 17,000 participants.

Founded in 2013, the cryptocurrency in February entered the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies with a capitalisation of $6.5 billion.

Thanks to this, the value of cryptocurrency has increased several times in less than a week. The subsequent consolidation has slightly recovered the value of the cryptocurrency, but even now DOGE is trading higher than analysts might have thought.

Cryptocurrencies have a strong community. The guys believe in ToTheMoon and are going to send the cryptocurrency to the moon with the nearest rocket. They bellieve that DOGE can cost 1 dollar.

However, it is still far from that. In early 2020, the cryptocurrency went a long way from $0.002 to its ATH $0.083. The increase was 4050%. The future lies ahead!

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