Cristiano Ronaldo menerima 770 token JUV

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has received 770 JUV fan tokens for each of the 770 goals in his career. The award was awarded following a discussion on the platform

The Juv token is one of the first sports cryptocurrencies. Not surprisingly, juv's tokens were first received by Ronaldo, who is a recognised football superstar. 

The president of the football club also gave him a T-shirt with the inscription G.O.A.T.

Cryptocurrency Juventus (JUV) was launched in 2019. To date, the token is trading at $14.97. The market value is more than $20 million. There is 1,315,932 JUV in circulation.

In addition to Juventus, many football teams have released their cryptocurrencies to reward fans. Many of them, like Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, are collaborating with

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