Prediksi Binance Coin: Kemana BNB / USD Akan Pergi

Judging by the schedule of the cryptocurrency, the token of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance will be difficult to overcome the figure of $280

The cryptocurrency market Binance (BNB) has collapsed from reached highs to the last level of support. It's $244. For a while the market was bearish and the situation seems to be continuing.



Currently, three resistance levels of $315, $325, $335 stand in the way of bull traders. However, it is difficult to push the price above the channel to ensure large growth. The growth target is $300.

Now trading continues in the range of 9 and 21 day moving averages. If the RSI rises above 50, the trade may continue in a sideways direction.

If the price goes down, the Binance (BNB) coin will support the levels of $215, $205, $195. If the 9-day average sliding falls on the chart below the 21-day chart, it will be a signal to reduce the volume of trading.

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