Berita NFT 20/09

MyMetaverse implemented NFT in Minecraft and GTA 5

MyMetaverse, a metaverse company, has integrated NFT into Minecraft and GTA 5 game servers. Earlier, Mojang, the studio behind the Minecraft game, made a statement that they are not going to support and allow the integration of NFT and blockchain technology.

But the company wants to show the studios that NFTs will be useful not only for them, but also for the players. MyMetaverse plans to implement NFT on its own servers without violating the license agreement. At the same time, the company made “its best NFTs” free.

KuCoin Labs Develops NFT Liquidity Solution

KuCoin Labs has officially announced a partnership with and Republic Capital. is a startup that gives NFT holders more ways to get cash. adds game theory to the traditional NFT auction process by giving holders of non-fungible tokens above the floor price access to more liquidity flows. On the buyer side, the solution allows bidders to receive rare NFTs for a fraction of their original value.

Lu Yu, head of KuCoin Labs, said:

“This collaboration gives a good boost to the startup, as KuCoin Labs helps the project with business strategy, fundraising, marketing direction, and go-to-market strategy and other things .  ”

All this will allow us to explore different ways to work with in the future and make the NFT ecosystem much better. 

Golf is now in the NFT

Another major sport has turned its attention to the cryptocurrency space.

PGA, a leading golf tournament organizer, is partnering with the NFT token marketplace to create its own themed NFT platform.

The platform will work on the principle of OpenSea, will sell NFT autographs of famous sports stars, and their partner is Tiger Woods.

If you decide to try your hand at the world of cryptocurrencies, do it with a trusted and reliable partner - KuCoin .

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