Koleksi CryptoPunk NFT keliru dijual dengan harga kurang dari $0,01

NFT from the world-famous CryptoPunks pixel avatars collection sold for less than $0.01. At the same time, on July 29, it was also purchased for $68,369.

The fatal mistake of the owner of the popular non-fungible token cost him a fortune. Co-founder of DeFi project Float Capital, Jonathan Clarke, revealed that whoever owned CryptoPunk #3860 wanted to sell the token to someone on his whitelist. But he made his offer to the public by mistake.

This happened due to the incorrect use of the function in the code instead of line 152, it was used a little earlier in line 144, which is why the cost of the NFT was only 99wei. In his tweet, Clarke also jokingly suggested that the owner could have been right and wanted to "get rid" of the 99wei unique piece.

Naturally, a person with a “keen eye” was immediately found for such a mistake. Fearing that someone might get ahead of him in buying CryptoPunk #3860, he paid the miners a hefty 22 ETH (about $59,000) using the Flashbots service.

Subsequently, the new owner of the punk sold it for $136,675, making a profit of almost $78,000, causing not only a lot of jokes among community members but also a hotly discussed topic on Twitter.

We can only sympathize with the ex-owner of NFT, who was left with a “profit” of less than $0.01. We hope that from now on he will be more prudent and will more carefully check the value of crypto assets put up for sale.

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