CryptoPunk #7557 salah dijual dengan harga 3% dari nilai sebenarnya

A non-fungible token from the popular CryptoPunk collection numbered 7557 was sold for 4.444 ETH, which was about 3% of the average market value of this asset.

According to the creators of the expensive collection of pixelated avatars, CryptoPunk #7557 is not the most typical, since only 55 out of 10,000 non-fungible tokens they generate have an identical tiara. The cheapest of its kind "punks" today costs over 350 ETH (over $1.55 million), and in the last sale, a punk with a tiara was sold for 196.69 ETH, which is equivalent to $873,303.

Most likely, the sale was a catastrophic mistake for the previous owner of this NFT. Since he last priced his non-fungible token at 8,888 ETH (over $31 million), this hints at an estimated price of 4,444 ETH ($19.73 million) rather than 4,444 ETH $19,731).

The buyer, in turn, struggled to acquire the token as soon as possible, connecting the flashbots service for this in order to conclude a deal with the miners and “knock out” a profitable place in the queue. Given the potential benefits of the transaction he conducted, this rush was hardly surprising. To do this, the buyer sent a “bribe” to F2Pool in the amount of 3.33 ETH (about $14,785).

Shortly after the acquisition, a new seller listed CryptoPunk #7557 at 325 ETH, or $1.44 million. The last rate for this “punk” was 180 ETH (more than $771,480) at the time of the proposal.

As a reminder, the largest transaction involving tokens from the Larva Labs collection took place last week. However, it turned out that the person who bought the token for 124,457 ETH or $532 million bought it from himself, using a trick using a flash loan.

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