Budweiser melanjutkan kegilaan NFT-nya

Yesterday, Budweiser swapped his Twitter avatar for a personalized drawing from Rocket Factory, supporting the growing interest of people in a new form of digital art NFT. The brand intends to fill its virtual gallery with very exotic finds.

Did you know about the existence of funny NFTs in the form of genitals in the outfits of heroes of films, books, and other treasures of pop culture? It sounds crazy, of course, but just one of these 69 non-fungible tokens from the PeePeeBoy collection was acquired by Budweiser. This find cost them 0.009 ETH, the equivalent of $27.82 at Huobi's current exchange rate.

No less strange may seem to fans of the beer brand his choice of the image of a rooster from the Cock Fight Club collection at number 1718, a pixel avatar with a dissonant name CryptoDickButt #258, and many others. At the same time, the value of some non-fungible tokens remains a mystery not only for OpenSea but also for Budweiser.

Among other digital "artifacts" you can also find the stones of the EtherPebble collection, which are an obvious parody of EtherRock, costing several hundred or even millions of dollars, a cute pixel penguin from the Pudgy Pixel Penguins collection, and many others.

But most of them have one nuance in common. The Budweiser company is most likely shocked by such NFTs in its collection! The fact is that after the publication of data on the acquisition of the Rocket Factory image and the Beer.eth domain, fans began to send their own or previously purchased NFTs to the brand. This is how the company formed such an unusual selection of tokens.

And this is not the first such case. Following Visa's recent announcement of acquiring one of Larva Labs' CryptoPunks avatars, the company's gallery has also been flooded with bizarre images of animal excrement, genitals, and other defiant attempts to troll the payment giant.

Now the company has only a couple of options to burn or destroy the received NFTs or send them back to the authors. At the same time, it is not known what will turn out to be a worse idea, since the community on the network may well collect a whole subreddit to spam companies with obscene images, for fun's sake. And Budweiser specialists are unlikely to be paid to remove hundreds of weird pictures from a virtual gallery.

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