Anonim menyumbangkan APENFT CryptoPunk # 1649, senilai $ 165.000

Digital art tokenization service APENFT declared a strange gift it got from an old enthusiast for the CryptoPunks project. This is NFT CryptoPunk #1649.

The donor preferred to remain incognito, but based on the address of the past purchaser of the pixel avatar from Larva Labs at number #1649, we can conclude that the art object belonged to him at the earliest stages of the project. As this "punk" was not seen in the auction until the transfer of APENFT.

Having created a kind of “bridge” between artists and the NFT space, APENFT allowed them to play their works and successfully collaborated with such world famous authors as Beeple and Pak. The collection presented by APENFT also includes paintings by Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso.

The avatar gift was not the first find provided by crypto enthusiasts to APENFT. Earlier, TRON ancestor Justin Sun gave the project ROCK ID 87, which he bought for 187 ETH, equivalent to more than $595,000 at Huobi. CryptoPunk 1649 is of course slightly less impressive as the most leading bid offered for it was $165,827. As for the total cost of the APENFT NFT collection, it has already exceeded $30.9 million and continues to grow rapidly against the backdrop of the general NFT madness.

In parallel with the news about APENFT, it became known that Mask Network acquired CryptoPunk #6128 for 159 ETH. At Huobi's current exchange rate, the purchase was over $505,000. This was reported by the representatives of the project themselves in the official Twitter account. It was promised to be presented within the framework of its NFT-platform of the project called MaskDAO, and the reason for choosing “punk” #6128 was that, according to the Mask Network team, it is as close in spirit to the concept of Web 3.0, which many participants in the cryptocurrency community.

Meanwhile, Larva Labs' total sales of virtual avatars have already surpassed the 900 million mark with a maximum price per art object of $7.58 million.

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