ICO Startup Prodeum Collected $ 6 Million and Disappeared with Investors' Money
Lithuanian blockchain project Prodeum had promised to implement blockchain in fruits and vegetables. However, as Twitter users report, its site was deleted with only one word left – "penis". https://twitter.com/thelateempire/status/957527371221028865 The idea of the project was to create a particular barcode for providing buyers with all the necessary information about a fruit or a vegetable. Farmers, retailers and marketing managers would be able to track and analyze the demand. ICO started on January, 20th and was to be finished on March,13th 2018. It was planned to attract 2-5 thousand ETH (currently around $2,5-6 million). According to ICOWatchlist, the project had sold about 18% tokens (around half a million dollars at the ETH exchange rate) before it disappeared. Some users claim Prodeum managed to attract $6 million within just eight days, according to the information provided by Tokendesk. Nobody knows how many investors backed Prodeum, if there were any and as follows the number of users who suffered from this fraud also remains unknown. Subscribe on The Coin Shark news in Telegram: https://t.me/thecoinshark