IBM Will Partner Up with a Bunch of Major Companies to Help Healthcare Using Blockchain
The software producer IBM is going to cooperate with multiple large enterprises in the field of healthcare in order to research the potential of the blockchain technology in this sphere. The list of IBM’s partners includes an insurance company Health Care Service Corporation; PNC Bank; Aetna, the subsidiary of a pharmaceutical giant CVS; the provider of health plans Anthem. Besides other things, the members of the collaboration are going to explore the usage of blockchain in storing personal data on the patients, filing health claims, making transactions quicker and safer. In the following couple of months, a number of healthcare-related enterprises and startups as well as companies providing technological solutions will join in. IBM is not a pioneer of bringing blockchain into healthcare. The startups like Change Healthcare and ProCredEx are also actively engaged in digitalizing this sphere. We remind you: Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: