IBM Patented Technology for Defining Borders in Blockchain Based Virtual Reality

IBM, a global leader in IT industry, patented technology that will not allow augmented reality (AR) players to go to restricted places. In the new project, the developers used blockchain technology.

The patent was published on November 1 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It describes the conditions for interaction of mobile devices with virtual reality and real-world objects. Due to the innovation, users will not be able to get into unacceptable places for general visits.

AR-reality is a technology that allows you to see real and virtual objects at the same time. At the moment, it is assumed that the new technology for AR is impossible to hack. Reliability and security is ensured with blockchain technology.

Since there can be many virtual objects in reality, AR reality is synchronized with real space- thus the company indicated in the registered patent.

The new technology will expand the use of AR. With its help, it will be possible to modify forbidden virtual objects, display them on a smartphone, which will also receive information about AR restrictions.

We also remind that in October, IBM, in collaboration with Visa, began working on the launch of cross-border payments.

Visa Partners with IBM to Implement Cross-Border Blockchain Payments of Hyperledger Fabric Framework

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