Huawei Wants to Protect Intellectual Property Rights Using Blockchain
Technology giant, Huawei is exploring the possibilities of protecting intellectual property through a distributed registry. Another patent application was sent to the State Intellectual Property Office of China on Tuesday. The first time the company filed its application was in 2016, nevertheless it is still under consideration by the bureau staff. As the application claims, the system will be able to store digital content in the blockchain. Access for users will be granted after private keys and digital product licenses coincide with those of the customer. The customers will be able to get the key and the license only after the purchase of the corresponding product. Although the idea  is still not close to the realization, nevertheless the fact of research activity related to the blockchain from Huawei says that the company is making some efforts to develop the technology of blockchain. Almost a month after the first application, Huawei joined the Hyperledger consortium, and in 2017 the telecommunications giant was among the first to apply the consortium development, Sawtooth, which is now at the testing stage. Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Telegram: