Huawei Is Coming at Samsung and Its Phone Galaxy 10

South Korean Samsung is currently the world’s biggest smartphone producer with the largest volume of sales. It is followed closely by Chinese Huawei and the US Apple. However, the competition between the first two is becoming more and more intense.  

While Samsung and Apple are suffering sales reductions, Huawei keeps it moving and puts out new devices at much cheaper prices which makes other phone makers quite nervous.

Actually, during the technological expo CES 2019, Huawei managed to outshine Samsung. While the South Korean giant announced the release of a new phone in the iconic Galaxy series, it’s the Huawei’s development that turned out to be the best smartphone at the exhibition.

The new Huawei Honor View 20 has a lot of cutting edge unique features that by no aspect concede to Samsung. Meanwhile, the price of the device is significantly lower (to be more specific, two times lower: the former – around 400 dollars, the latter – around 800 dollars).


Despite the common misconception about Chinese smartphone, Huawei has always kept it on the high level. Its earlier devices, such as Huawei P20 Pro or Mate 20 Pro, impressed the users with its good quality.

Thus, Samsung now has to outrun not only IPhone X with its face identification, but also Huawei Honor View 20, with its 3D sensor and punch-hole selfie camera setup, in Galaxy 10 to win the buyers to its side.

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