How to Present Bitcoin for New Year: Unknown Methods
The New Year’s holidays is the time for surprising your family. If you have no idea how to do this, then The Coin Shark recommends you to present Bitcoin, the world most discussed cryptocurrency. Well, what else would you expect from us? :) We bet that there is a question inside of your head: “How to do that, if it has no physical representation?”. So, here are 3 methods how to gift Bitcoin for New Year 2019, that no one knows about.

Preparing the gift

The preparation of Bitcoin presentation is identical in 3 methods. Any gift becomes more attractive if it is wrapped in the festive package. We will also pack Bitcoin, the only thing is that a hard drive will be our colorful wrapper. Literally, we will gift Bitcoin on it or on some part of it. If the person whom you are willing to present such an unusual gift has a digital wallet, then everything is simple, just transfer money on it. And if not, you have to create it. We will describe how to do that in the following methods. Well, let’s start.

Method #1: Bitcoin on a sheet of paper

  1. Bitcoin Paper Wallet service will help you to achieve that. It was designed for creating a paper wallet. You can make a wallet model on this resource by yourself: choose style and language where the information will be written on. 
  2. You can decorate your wallet with holo-stickers, but not necessarily. The minimal value of 12 stickers is 0,0009 BTC.
  3. After the abovementioned steps you have to print an image. Keep in mind, that the image should be printed on both sides.
  4. “Run” to an exchange to buy BTC and immediately transfer them to the wallet, we recommend you to copy the address of it. For buying and exchanging Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, we advise you the following exchanges:

Binance CEX.IO EXMO Coinmama LiveCoin

5. Check the balance of the created wallet on

Method #2: Bitcoin on a flash drive

  1. Firstly, you have to buy a flash drive for storing Bitcoins. The market value of such devices starts from 58 EUR. Check out the Bitcoin-flash drives, such as:, Ledger Nano S or Digital Bitbox.
  2. After the purchase, do the step #4 of the previous method.
  3. You can pack the flash drive as you want, for instance, in a small shiny box. Do not forget to put a note where the password will be.

Method #3: Bitcoin on a cellphone

Actually, any device with Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows operating system is suitable for storing Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.
  1. Buy a smartphone. It will be great if you know which model your relative wants.
  2. After the purchase, install a software: Coin.Space, ArcBit or Bither, it does not matter what operating system you have.
  3. You need to have an e-mail and a password for the registration of the wallet in these programs.
  4. Buy Bitcoin just like in the method #1.
  5. Write down the e-mail and the password on a sheet of paper and put it with the phone.

What risks may occur?

When you give Bitcoin as a present, warn the recipient about the features of the gift, for example, the paper wallet may tear, the flash drive and the smartphone are devices, which are easy to lose. Let your closest take care of the safety of a Bitcoin-carrier.     Subscribe to The Coin Shark news in Facebook: