How to Get More Coins With the Same Farm? Overclock of the Graphics Card

graphic card

Many miners who have already begun to receive the first dividends from their farms are beginning to wonder: “How can you improve efficiency and profitability of your home enterprise?”. It is worth noting that there are several ways to achieve this result:

  1. installation of additional computing equipment;
  2. replacement of existing farms with more productive ones;
  3. installation of equipment in places with cheap electricity;
  4. flashing and overclocking of graphics cards.

Naturally, in order to achieve the maximum profit, you must follow all of the above tips. If the first three items are all clear, then the fourth one raises some questions, especially for beginners. Within the framework of this material, we just talk about overclocking of the graphics cards’ memory. Let’s take a closer look at what it is, what it gives and how to do it at home.

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  1. What is the overclocking of a graphics card and what is it needed for?
  2. Procedure of overclocking the graphics card, software and settings
  3. Changing the memory frequency settings
  4. Adjustment of power consumption parameters
  5. Coolers and cooling system
  6. Conclusion

1. What is the overclocking of a graphics card and what is it needed for?

So, graphics cards are computing equipment, they respectively differ in power, amount of built-in memory, etc. The speed at which a video card can perform calculations is measured in hashrates. Manufacturers of graphics cards, at the software level, limit their real performance. That is, suppose, out of the box the speed will be 24MH/S, but after the overclocking procedure, this figure can be at the level of 26-27MH/S. It may seem not a significant increase, but suppose, if there are 5 or 6 video cards in a single farm, then in the global perspective, the result will differ materially.

2. Procedure for overclocking the graphics card, software and settings

In the beginning, you need to install special software, the program is called MSI Aftefburner. It will be easy to understand it for any person who knows how to use a computer at the user level. Here is its appearance:

graphic card

The interface, though simple, but it has everything you need:

  • Temperature Limit;
  • Memory Clock;
  • Core Clock;
  • Core Voltage;
  • Fan speed;
  • Power Limit.

3. Changing the memory frequency settings

In the market there are a huge number of different video cards and they are also reflashed in different ways. On some, performance improvement is achieved by adjusting the RAM frequency. Here the big role is played by the manufacturer of operative memory. Ideally, if the RAM in the video card is from the South Korean giant (Samsung). They are quite amenable to overclocking, without loss of stability. There is no single meaning, you need to try and test your equipment in the field. Start the mining process and observe how the adjustments influence it.

4. Adjustment of power consumption parameters

How can anyone achieve increased productivity, while reducing power consumption? Such a scenario is possible, but only under certain conditions. For example, when mining Ethereum, you can turn off the graphics core, then the power consumption will decrease, and the memory frequency, on the contrary, will grow.

5. Coolers and cooling system

After the video card is overclocked, you should take care of the cooling system. In MSI Aftefburner there is a whole section that is responsible for the operation of coolers. In this section you can make adjustments using a special schedule.

It should be understood that the higher the fan speed, the faster it will fail. But we strongly advise not to regret it, as buying a new powerful graphics card for mining will be much more expensive than replacing one cooler. Do not allow the equipment to overheat, this could damage it.

6. Conclusion

The process of overclocking the graphics card 1060 and other miners is not anything complicated. In order to do it yourself, you just need the desire to learn, to experiment. To do this, elementary knowledge in the PC is enough. Increasing the productivity of equipment, you can achieve a significant result.

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Bitmain Closed Its Branch In Israel Due To Crypto Market Situation

Chinese mining giant, Bitmain, has closed its branch Bitmaintech Israel in Ra’anana. It was set up two years ago as a company which specialized in developing blockchain technology, AI technology and controlled one of the mining pools Connect BTC in Israel.

The branch was headed by Gadi Glikberg, who held the title of VP International Sales and Marketing. He and his 23 employees will be laid off.  The reason of closing the branch is that Bitcoin trading price fell down by more than 80% since its all-time high, while Ripple’s XRP and Ethereum decreased by more than 90% since the peak of their prices.

Glikberg commented on the situation: “The crypto market has undergone a shake-up in the past few months, which has forced Bitmain to examine its various activities around the globe and to refocus its business in accordance with the current situation.”

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Is Bitmain Really Dying, or How Much Money Was Lost in 2018?

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Andreas Antonopoulos Does Not Think Bitcoin Is in a “Death Spiral”

With the current downtrend of Bitcoin and the crypto market in general, a lot of crypto experts and enthusiasts do not see any bright future for #1 digital coin. The infamous prediction of John McAfee now seems even more far-fetched than before.

However, some people still have faith in BTC. A famous author of books about cryptocurrency and blockchain Andreas Antonopoulos made a video where he explained what a death spiral is and why it does not relate to Bitcoin so far.

According to Antonopoulos, a death spiral arises when the hashrate of the network drops.

Since it is directly connected with the mining complexity, the complexity also reduces together with profitability, causing miners to leave.

However, the author believes this is not the case with Bitcoin, since BTC miners do not react to such price jumps immediately. Their plans are usually calculated for the long-terms results. Only if Bitcoin keep dropping for a significant period of time, the danger of a death spiral may appear.

Part of the reason that’s unlikely to happen is that miners have a much more long-term perspective, meaning that they have existing investments in equipment and they usually purchase electricity on long-term plans, they don’t pay it by the week,” says Antonopoulos.

Hopefully, the crypto author is right, because if miners start leaving the ecosystem of Bitcoin, the coin is doomed.

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Books About Bitcoin: Top Editions by Andreas Antonopoulos

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Is Bitmain Really Dying, or How Much Money Was Lost in 2018?

The year 2018, especially its second part, has not been particularly simple for the crypto giant Bitmain. After the unsuccessful IPO, there came Bitcoin Cash hash wars which also negatively influenced the earnings of Bitmain.

According to the data provided by a crypto enthusiast on Twitter, the company might have suffered around $740 million losses in Q3 of 2018, making it the worst quarter in the history of Bitmain.

Other specialists are quite sure that the numbers could be even higher. The epic with Bitcoin Cash, low amount of customers, the crypto market price collapse exhausted Bitmain. Will it be able to recover? We’ll have to wait and see.

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BTC, BCH and BSV: Which Coin Is the Most Profitable for Miners?

Here comes the biggest irony of the last couple of months. As we all know by now, Bitcoin Cash hardforked, forming two new coins: Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCH) and Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV). The developers of BSV claimed very loudly that their coin would be so miner-friendly, that its competitors would not be able to survive. What happened in reality?

Source: Coin Dance

As we can see from the research made by Coin Dance, if BTC is taken as a cryptocurrency to compare the profitability of mining, BSV falls behind drastically. Meanwhile, among the three Bitcoin variations, the world’s first cryptocurrency remains the most beneficial for miners.

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Bitcoin Cash Hash Wars: Who Really Won?

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How to Explain to Your Grandparents in 10 Minutes What is Bitcoin?

The older generation often perceive innovations as something supernatural and incredulous refer about them. But, what should you do, if you need to explain to your grandparents what is bitcoin, despite the fact they are afraid of picking up a mobile phone? 🙂
Of course we exaggerate! But since, the cryptocurrency little by little captures the world finance market, bursting into the life of those, who aren’t interested in it – your grandparents should be prepared.

For this The Coin Shark had developed a strategy, which will help you to explain what is Bitcoin in 10 minutes. During the experiment, none of the grandparents didn’t refuse to descend the legacy to their grandchildren 🙂

Stage #1: “Bitcoin – is like a paper money, but not made of paper”

Remember, never try to explain to older generation about the innovations on the developers slang. We recommend you to draw an analogy with the things which are more understandable for them.

It is better to compare Bitcoin with the ordinary money. Explain them, that it has the same value as the paper money, in which they receive the allowance. You can also buy goods and pay for services by using Bitcoin.

Do not forget to specify that the cryptocurrency are not made of paper, but encrypted by computer code. The ordinary money which we receive we can touch but the digital – not. Because they are stored on the computer, while the ordinary money in the wallet.

As far back as you can go that cryptocurrency is based on cryptographic methods, its management is decentralized and it works on the blockchain technology – your grandparents may think that you are possessed by a demon. All this stuff are clear only to our crypto space.

Stage #2: “Miners – are gold miners”

After the first stage is complete, it is logically that your grandparents will ask you – “how to get them?”

The old and proven method of the analogy also works here. We all know that we earn Bitcoin by mining. We associate it with a gold mining. And we clarify that while mining the cryptocurrency hoes,picks are not used, but a computer.

If you see understanding in the eyes of your beloved grandparents, than you can add, that Bitcoin can be bought on the internet. Specify, where and how is not necessary.

Stage #3: “Spend Bitcoin in the specialized store”

Before telling to your grandparents, where they can buy products by bitcoin, they need to know, that it has its own rate as well as the dollar. Except the rate depends on demand. Prepare sedative, because once they know the price for one BTC they will be very surprised. Only we are complaining here, that “Bitcoin is dying” , and it will be shock for them, that only one coin can cost 4 thousand dollars. I guess you realise that you should keep silence about the rate of 20 thousand dollars.

Now you can tell them : “Since Bitcoin – is unusual money, they are spent only in the special stores”.
Good job, the grandparents are ready! Now they can tell to their friends about Bitcoin. And if they are not afraid of computer, and they were interested in your story, than in the “For Beginners” section, they may find more about the cryptocurrency #1.   

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China Has Closed Down Almost 800 Thousand BTC Miners

As we reported earlier, the collapse of the crypto market, and Bitcoin in particular, has negatively affected mining in China. We remind you:

Mining Industry in China Suffers From Loss Due To The Collapse of Bitcoin Price

Mining in China is quickly plummeting down. According to the approximate estimates, from 600 to 800 thousand mining facilities have closed down during this month. The functioning of mining is directly interrelated with the hashrate of cryptocurrency. Given the speed with which the hashrate of Bitcoin is falling, there might be no future for BTC mining in China, unless the situation changes.


Major mining pools and firms in China are now suffering from huge money losses. Thus, the recent collapse of the crypto market has influenced not only the price of cryptocurrencies, but also the way of their extraction.

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