How Long Can People Survive Without Their Smartphones?
We live in the technological era. Different kinds of devices and gadgets have entered and irrevocably changed our lives. They make our everyday activities easier and more fun. But is it all milk and honey, as people tend to think? No doubt, the most popular and widely used electronic device is a smartphone. Nowadays it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t have one. People on the bus, in cafes, in the street are devoured in their phones. Here arises the question: is it actually healthy to be on the phone all the time? While the things that people do using their phones, like listening to music, reading e-books or talking with friends, are not harmful in themselves, too much time spent with the IPhone “steals” the person from the reality. We should also remember about the harm to our eyesight. Recently, many people started noticing the global impact of phones on their lives and realized their obsession. That is why, special apps were developed to track the time spent by users on their phones. As reported by BBC, Apple has created a feature called Screen Time which shows the iOS users all the necessary statistics. Android is also working on a similar feature, called Digital Wellbeing, which will soon be available for Android users. The interesting fact though, is that the smartphone companies don’t want us to spend less time on phones - it is simply not profitable for them. Thus, their time-tracking apps are designed so that the users’ feelings are not hurt by the frightening figures. Most experts don’t believe that the humanity can completely part with smartphones. Though they have a couple of useful tips so that phones don’t turn into an obsession.
  • Don’t keep your phone in your bedroom if you can;
  • Turn off all the useless notifications;
  • Rearrange your screen, so that the necessary apps are more accessible;
  • Etc.
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