Hong Kong protest messaging app: what is a secure alternative to Telegram?
The Hong Kong demonstrations moved from the streets to the disputes on the Internet. The leaders of the movement were known to transmit the information via Telegram messenger, claimed as the most protected communication app. Nevertheless, after short-term investigations, the government identified those protesters who communicated through Telegram. This episode proved that this instant messenger is not useful in the matter of privacy as the data leakage and security breaches took place. While Telegram doesn't encrypt group chats by default and collects digital footprint, the competition for Hong Kong protest messaging app is going on. Bridgefy and FireChat break the record in downloading at a short time. The main advantage of Bridgefy app is data transfer without an Internet connection; it applies Bluetooth to build a mesh network. Considering the weaknesses of the mentioned above alternatives such as the limited bandwidth, some groups of protesters switched to emerging end-to-end encrypted ecosystem Utopia. We tested this secure communication environment. Discover the sheer insights in this review. Utopia p2p ecosystem – is it a new-age Hong Kong protest messaging app? uMessenger is a built-in instant messenger which is suitable for arranging protest movements. Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES mechanisms encrypt the internal storage and any types of data. Law agencies and governments won't reach the sensitive information. Utopia ecosystem includes not only the messenger but numerous tools that facilitate protesting campaigns. Namely, geotags, encrypted mailbox, wallet, and many more. Let's dive into details:
  • Protection against investigations – no central server.The system, including the in-house tools, is fully decentralized. It means that the data rivals trespass is flows strictly from a sender to a receiver, metafiles are never handled and stored on a data warehouse. This principle defends protestors against law persecution and detention as a result.
  • The betrayal is excluded due to no anonymity.Protesters don't mention individual information such as name, phone number, email when signing up. Neither law agencies nor the other manifestos can identify their personalities which eliminates the cases of betrayal. Utopia doesn't collect digital footprints such as IP, browsing history, the history of connections, and contact list.
  • Straightforward coordination owing to abundant tools. Protestors plan their activities in encrypted chats using uTags. This feature allows chatting considering the location of particular groups; the conversation can be attached to a specific area. The position of participants and crowds can be monitored only by the members of the chat room.
  • Protestors share unbiased news on secure channels and sites.They can generate a read-only encoded channel on Utopia to distribute real-time data. Alongside, Utopia supports websites' creation within the ecosystem. An encrypted webpage is only viewable for members authorized in Utopia. Sites for movements is an essential tool to engage more people, share their philosophy and plans.
No matter you are in Hong Kong to break to rules or want to escape global surveillance for personal use, Utopia is a catch! Let's clarify what features does Utopia ecosystem includes in details. A quick overview of Utopia functions We already mentioned the advantages of the instant messenger above. It is designed to transmit files of popular formats – texts, photos, videos, etc. A personal key is a unique set of figures that serves Users' identification. A recipient, a holder of the key a sender mentioned, is the only person who can read a message. Channels and group chats are encrypted by default contrasting to Telegram, Signal, and WhatsApp mechanisms. A Hybrid mode is Utopia's unique feature that we adore most of all. It allows having chats, mailbox, contacts, and wallet info in one window. Without any doubt, it facilitates communication from a computer, making the data transfer undemanding and rapid. uMail The in-house email looks like widely-used mailing services. The only difference is that users can only receive and send emails from members registered on Utopia. A template is a feature that fast-tracks daily correspondence. Regardless of your are a protestor or a business owner, you can generate a pattern for typical letters to follow it after as needed. uWallet The internal wallet is suitable for any operations in crypto. User can design a personal credit card with just a few clicks. Money transactions are completed instantly, without the need to reveal a user's private key. E-shopping and selling goods in cryptocurrencies are equally possible on Utopia. A new merchant's interface has been introduced recently. Mining Bot This tool is a pleasant bonus to all the listed before. The idea is that users get rewarded in domestic tokens for the time being online. They contribute to network growth and get bounty boundlessly. Users can run Utopia from different devices to get more money without any limits. The bottom line Hong Kong protestors made millions of people to question the level of privacy popular messengers claim. Telegram is no longer trusted as the security breach lead to arrests and investigations. Along with Bridgefy, some groups of activists switched to Utopia. This self-enclosed P2P network meets the golden criteria of online privacy in combine with diverse tools set. While the Utopia mobile is on the way, test the service on your computer!