Hong Kong Launched a Blockchain-Based Tool for Migrant Employment
The International Organization for Migration, together with Diginex, has developed a tool that prevents the exploitation of migrant work in Hong Kong. According to a press release, the International Recruitment Integrity System (IRIS) - Self-Assessment for Ethical Recruitment (SAFER) is used in 1,500 migrant recruitment agencies in Hong Kong. According to official figures, now there are about 360 thousand migrants in Hong Kong, the vast majority of them are women (98%). More than half of them (56%) face illegal fees and commissions. “The hope is it will serve as a practical solution for businesses to adopt ethical recruitment practices, in line with the IRIS Standard, a set of rules designed to promote and support ethical recruitment practices around the globe.” – said in the statement.  In this tool, the blockchain is responsible for the security, consistency, and transparency of data. If it works, this model will be implemented in many other countries of the world.