Uniswap מפרס ליבת V3 של Uniswap ל- Ethereum Mainnet

In May, one of the largest DEX in the world is to update the V3 protocol, preparations for which have already begun now

The previous Uniswap V2 update was successful a year ago, in May 2020. The platform has received advanced functionality, which will be optimized in 2021. Update will make DEX the best automated jersey maker (AMM).

Among the announced new products:

  • Several levels of the commission
  • A new AMM bond curve
  • taking into account risk levels for liquidity providers

Smart contracts have been rolled out on networks such as Ropsten, Rinkeby, Kovan and Goerli in preparation for the May update. Although the addresses of the contracts have been published in Github, the developers note that they can change as corrections are made to the peripheral repository.

It is worth noting that the upcoming update will have a positive impact on the price of the UNI token. Even now, after the introduction of the partial update, the value of the coin has risen by 6.45% per day.

Once a full-fledged upgrade is launched in May, the Uniswap ecosystem will receive a powerful energy boost. This will affect the price of UNI, as the need for tokens will increase, and hence the demand. Analysts point out that the coin can rise up to $50.

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