Messenger Signal הציג תשלומי קריפטו

Signal has signed a partnership agreement with MobileCoin crypto wallet and is introducing cryptocurrency payments. Testing of the new feature has already begun

Developers have integrated the ability to bind the MobileCoin account to the Signal interface. Users can view the balance and make cryptocurrency transfers directly from their account in the app.

The beta version with crypto transactions is only available to UK customers. If the testing is successful, Signal plans to provide access to crypto payments to all customers except U.S. residents.

What does the new Signal option mean for the cryptosphere?

It will expand the adoption of cryptocurrencies!

Currently, the platform has more than 40 million users. Signal became particularly popular in January, when WhatsApp changed its privacy policy. Signal's longtime rival has told users it will share their information on Facebook.

Since then, the number of downloads for the Signal app has increased by 4,200%. On Thursday, 2021, the service was unavailable for some time due to server overload.

However, later all technical difficulties were solved. So, soon billions of people will be able to send and receive cryptocurrency without breaking away from communication.

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