MicroStrategy קנתה ביטקוין תמורת 1.026 מיליארד במחירים מגוחכים

While the market froze in horror at the failure of the BTC price, which fell by 21 percent on February 22, institutionalists do not sleep. Bitcoin price rollback allowed large investors to buy at the bottom

MicroStrategy, which has no doubt that Bitcoin is the future, has a good hit on the situation. Therefore, boldly invests in 19,452 BTC the sum of a billion dollars.

Ceo Michael Sailor boasted about the event with his Twitter followers. He said the company's activities are focused on two main things - buying Bitcoins and developing software for corporate analytics.

Sailor added that MicroStrategy intends to continue buying Bitcoins. The current purchase was made when Bitcoin was worth $52,765. We would wait a little, and could buy more and cheaper))

Today, the company has 90,531 BTC. It is the largest Bitcoin holder. The top four also includes Tesla, Galaxy Digital and Square. Let's see if any other company can get to the crypto-holding Olympus!

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