CBDC סיני: איפה שיש כסף, תמיד תהיה תרמית

In China, there is the first case of fraud with the national digital currency. This is probably the first case of a CBDC scam in the world

The scammers created the "International Wallet of the Central Bank" project. They assured their victims that they were the official issuer of the digital yuan and that they need the tools to advance CBDC nationally and globally.

Despite the fact that this project has not been officially launched in China, many believed this deception. Police say the attackers managed to steal money from five hundred citizens.

The main goal of the scammers was citizens with an income of at least $24,000-$25,000 dollars. For each deposit they were promised a 2% bonus.

The People's Bank of China has warned citizens not to believe the scammers. Unfortunately, this is not the last case. Early on, when the project is not yet launched, 5% of the People in China do not know about the new digital currency and anything can happen.

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