HSBC אינה רואה בביטקוין מחלקת נכסים

The CEO of Britain's largest bank HSBC, Noel Quinn, said they have no plans to launch digital currency trading. Moreover, according to Quinn, the bank does not view this asset class as an investment vehicle for its clients.

As in most cases with institutional investors, the reason for his categorical statement was the volatility of the main cryptocurrency on the market. This is what the CEO referred to in his interview with Reuters, saying that they did not see any interest in Bitcoin for their asset management business.

Quinn said that for the same reason of “instability” they are in no hurry to work with stablecoins. Apparently, the bank does not consider the mechanism for linking tokens to national currencies sufficiently reliable to guarantee the absence of jumps in their rates in the future.

At the same time, Quinn emphasized that he believes in CBDCs against the background of efforts put into their development by China and the United States. The CEO is convinced that with the help of electronic wallets, banks will be able to facilitate the process of transactions and make it more transparent. He also said that HSBC is currently in talks with the authorities of several states about their CBDC. Among them: Canada, UAE, Canada, and other countries.

Quinn himself added that his personal skepticism about digital currencies is due to the lack of clear information about the owners of the coins, as well as the difficulties in converting these assets into traditional money. Unlike colleagues at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, the HSBC CEO does not see bitcoin as a reliable means of payment.

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