BSN וועט אָנהייבן אַ פּילאָט קבדק טעסטינג פּראָיעקט אין טשיינאַ אין 2021

The Chinese Blockchain Service Network plans to launch a pilot digital payment network UDPN to test CBDCs of banks in different countries in 2021.

The UDPN roadmap indicates BSN will roll out the WAN in five years. Beta will be launched in 2021. The launch is scheduled for the second half of the year. The blockchain project plans to provide the convenience of digital currency transactions and facilitate payments using it.

The UDPN system will integrate the financial sector, insurance, logistics, and mobile applications via API. Its development should result in a convenient and practical global payment solution aimed at the active implementation of CBDC.

Expansion of the network and ecosystem and promotion of the private BSN platform is also planned for 2021. This will require significant investment, and Chinese companies are willing to invest in new technologies.