Weibo חוסם את חשבונות Binance, OKEx ו- Huobi

The Chinese social network Weibo has temporarily frozen the accounts of major cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, OKEx and Huobi.

At first, users considered the blocking to be a single one, but then they noticed that several large cryptocurrency market players received it at once. The reason was a violation of Weibo community guidelines.

Given the vague wording and the fact that Weibo moderation censors profiles and online content, guided by its own “standards” and Government recommendations, the real reasons for the account freeze are still unknown.

This blocking was not new to Binance. In 2019, they were already banned for violating community rules. But this is the first time that several exchanges with a multimillion audience have become targets of the administration of a social network.

So far, the blocking has not had a critical effect, but Chinese investors have already begun to get nervous, expecting that the situation tol clear up soon. Behind them, exchange tokens of three crypto-exchanges also began to “get nervous”. BNB, HT, OKB fell 3-7%.

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