KUNA הוסיפה צמד מסחר חדש

Now it is available for users to exchange digital assets for fiat in the UNI/UAH pair

UNI is a token of the popular DEX Uniswap. It is a decentralised exchange, which automatically exchanges tokens of the largest DeFi projects. In 2020-2021, the world was shocked by the success of many such startups.

For example, the coin of the project yearn.finance (YFI) for 1.5 months of its existence rose from $34 to $38,869. At the time of writing, the YFI price is $48,557. The exchange on which such tokens are traded has certainly become one of the most visited sites of the cryptosphere.

The UNI token is issued with 1 billion coins. 60% is intended for the community as bonuses, and shares. UNI tokens can vote for the future of DEX Uniswap, trade, buy and sell.

The appearance of a currency pair with the Ukrainian hryvnia means a lot for the ukranian crypto market. Now traders from this country will be able to buy cryptocurrency directly for fiat. It's profitable, convenient and fast!

You can get more information, register and start trading on KUNA.

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