EToro הוסיפה תמיכה בארבעה נכסים דיגיטליים

The crypto-assets platform EToro was listing Aave, Compound, Yearn Finance and Decentraland

To date, the total number of cryptocurrency assets was 23 (20 for traders from the United States). Added tokens are of interest to many traders.



YFI and MANA tokens have one of the highest market capitalisation in DeFi. Yearn Finance has 2.1 billion, and Decentraland 1.3 billion Aave project capitalisation is 5.3 billion, and as for Compound, its capitalisation exceeded 4 billion dollars.

These are not the only tokens to be added in 2021. Representatives of the EToro plan to expand the number of available cryptocurrencies so that traders can form portfolios, choosing from dozens of digital assets, and as much as possible hedged risks.

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