BitMEX משיקה חוזי החלפה תמידית של DOGE/USDT

Dogecoin trading has become even more popular after BitMEX added perpetual contracts with up to 20x leverage. Contracts will be available from February 5

This product will receive a fixed Bitcoin multiplier of 0.001 XBT (100K Satoshi), which will not depend on the DOGE / USDT price. At the same time, traders will be able to open both long and short positions with the DOGE / USDT exchange rate.

You can add margin to XBT, earn or lose investment, depending on how the Dogecoin to Tether ratio changes. The increased investment risk is well offset by solid premiums. Therefore, DOGE / USDT swaps are traded at a large discount to the spot price of this currency pair.

Perpetual contract details: Initial (5.00%) and Maintenance (2.50%) margin. Taker commission: 0.075%. See BitMEX for more details.